Happy 5th Birthday To Me

Can it really be five years ago today that a piece on Prefab Sprout’s Swoon kicked off this whole damn movingtheriver.com experiment?

Yes it ruddy well can, and it’s been a fun ride.

Even though there are some weeks when it seems the well has truly run dry, ’80s music and movies (to mix metaphors) turn out to be the gifts that keep on giving – there are always old sounds that continue to surprise and new avenues to explore.

So thanks for checking in and contributing now and then. You’ve made an old man very happy. My friend Spike Jones probably says it best:


9 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday To Me

  1. Love the blog and congrats – here’s to another 5 years of shiny suits, sax, MTV, jazz, perms, dodgy dancing, appalling lyrics etc – and your seemingly undying love for a great decade. Where would we be without Danny Wilson…and Prefab Sprout…and Madonna…Neal Schon..Howard Jones… Love from Spain x

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