Level 42 (Every Album, Every Song): the book

‘Level 42 – Every Album, Every Song (on track)’ is my first book and the first in-depth study of the band’s illustrious catalogue.

It features recording information, musical analysis, studio gossip, full credits, stories from the road and contributions from head honcho Mark King and previous members Gary Husband and Phil Gould. The book also places their output within the wider musical landscape of the 1980s and 1990s.

‘Level 42 – Every Album, Every Song’ is available via the links below:


UK Bookshops

Burning Shed



Book Depository






Barnes & Noble



Amazon Germany

Amazon Netherlands

Amazon Sweden

Amazon Spain



(and soon to be available elsewhere – watch this space…)


12 thoughts on “Level 42 (Every Album, Every Song): the book

  1. Congratulations !
    I will have to check it out .
    I saw them back in the day in Phoenix and was very impressed .
    If only Wally Badarou could have been there as well !
    I’m going to listen to some of their stuff now .Good Man in a Storm just came to mind .

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  2. I received my copy yesterday.
    Haven’t finished it yet but so far, a great read. Love the anecdotes of their early days, several of which i hadn’t heard before. For me, where the book really scores is the forensic dissection of the songs. I was listening to some last night, songs I know very well and it was like hearing them with fresh ears!
    You have obviously put a significant amount of time and effort into the project and it deserves to be a huge success. Thanks!

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    • Hi David, that is hugely appreciated and I’m really glad you’re enjoying it and listening to the Level catalogue afresh. I have to say, it was fascinating to put the songs we love ‘under the microscope’ and see what was lurking there – some of their lyric inspirations, in particular, were a real revelation. Cheers!


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